Friday, February 17, 2012

Pompe à chaleur de piscine - Perfect Device for chauffage de piscine

Swimming is considered to be one of the most important sport activities, which is reckoned for the health as well as recreational utility. Several individuals opt for swimming as it offers potent therapeutic benefits, which is helpful in rejuvenating and revitalizing body cells. Owing to its innumerable benefits, large numbers of people indulge in swimming regularly. However, swimming can be difficult during winter or cloudy days, which feature low ambient temperature. A low atmospheric temperature depicts a significant reduction in the temperature of the swimming pool water. In such freezing conditions, several individuals find it difficult to take a dip inside the pool. The importance of a pompe à chaleur de piscine becomes underlined in this context.

A pompe à chaleur de piscine is specifically designed to keep pool water warm regardless of the surrounding ambient temperature. The major advantage of pool heating using a heat pump is that it assures an extended swimming experience even in low ambient conditions. Besides, with chauffage de piscine swimmers can enjoy significant health benefits while swimming in warm water. Reduction in excess body weight, treatment of skin infections and protection against body aches are some of the major health benefits, which can be enjoyed due to chauffage de piscine.

A pompe à chaleur de piscine is an electronic device that derives power from an external DC source and assures optimum heating constantly. This electro-mechanical device delivers high energy efficiency, which means that despite high frequency of usage electricity bills remain minimized. Transferring heat from high potential to low potential, this efficient device operates in opposition to the principle of refrigeration. pompe à chaleur de piscine extracts heat from the natural ambient air. Irrespective of the weather conditions, ambient air is always at a higher temperature in comparison to that of pool water. Thereafter, the extracted heat is transferred into the swimming pool water, which increases its temperature, thus, making it suitable for swimming. pompe à chaleur de piscine is built-in with effective heat exchangers, which accomplishes the entire heating with efficacy. The heat exchangers fitted within the pool pumps assure highly durability and low maintenance cost.

Assuring efficient chauffage de piscine, a heat pump can be added to both in-ground as well as above-ground swimming pools. Besides, these can either be fixed inside a pool or outside. Incorporation of the heat pump outside the pool assures easy maintenance, incase of any troubleshooting. Whether it is for enjoying swimming during winters or to have the health benefits of warm water, swimming pool heating assures multifaceted benefits.

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