Monday, December 19, 2011

Projector Pool- Adding Style to the Pool with Utmost Safety

lampe de piscine is a convenient way to enjoy relaxing swimming at any time of the day. Making the base and depth markings clearly visible, effective pool illumination assures utmost safety of the swimmer during night time. Lightning of the swimming pool also enhances its decorative appeal, making it an eye-catching wonder. Innovation in technology has led to the invention of several lightning devices which give pool owners an opportunity to use pool at night, whether for swimming or for theme parties.

LED pool lamps, color lights and projecteur piscine are some of the widely used lampe de piscine devices. All these devices are suitable for in-ground as well as above-ground swimming pools. A projecteur piscine is an electronic device which can be placed on the wall of the pool and can be fixed at the inner lining of the pool. In addition to providing optimum illumination for the safety of the swimmers during night, these projector lights add an aesthetic appeal to the pool. Projector pool is available in different varieties with traditional colored as well as LED bulbs. Fixed and adjustable projectors are some of the widely used types of projector pools.

With their rotating light shows and built-in light transitions, the entire array of these projecteur piscine devices adds life to the pool parties and night gatherings. All the light transition effects and light colors emitted by these projector lights can be adjusted with the help of a remote control. The remote control set up of these devices is powered with batteries, assuring hassle free performance. The entire projecteur piscine set up enhances the overall safety of the swimming pool and simultaneously creates a colorful environment.

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Pool Devices for Hygienic Swimming

Swimming pools with hot water are used by several individuals for relaxation and therapies. However, most of the times individuals leave their pools untreated, which makes these unhealthy for swimming. An untreated swimming pool makes the surface of the pool water concrete, which can affect adversely on the skin of the swimmer. Thus, électrolyseur au sel is widely used for pool sanitation.

The chemical reaction which takes place in the électrolyseur au sel converts salt of the swimming pool water into a pristine form of chlorine. This chemically reacted mixture when released into the pool extracts all the impurities. Therefore, this energy efficient device is capable of removing all types of impurities which dissolve in the swimming pool water through oils or lotions that swimmers apply on their skin. With this device, other impurities such as bacteria and algae can easily be removed from the pool water.

Salt water chlorination technology has been used by several pool owners for decades. This method is an ongoing process wherein the electrolytically generated chlorine is converted back to salt. Electrolyseur piscine is an effective alternative to this technology. Providing well-sanitized pool water, an électrolyseur piscine prevents the use of chlorine packages and other shock treatment products. An électrolyseur piscine can be used for an in-ground as well as above-ground pool. The entire apparatus of the electrolyzer can easily be attached to the existing pool equipment without any hassles. By installing these devices, pool users can enjoy swimming throughout the day. Besides, to experience non-chemical residential pool sanitation, several pool owners make use of these efficient devices.

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Swimming Pool Accessories for Style and Safety

Several individuals consider swimming to be one of the best forms of exercise. Keeping the body fit, swimming is enjoyed by most people as it gives a relaxing feel and relieves from all kind of stress. Individuals who live in an area where summers do not last long and want to enjoy swimming till late must prepare their swimming pool for night time use. One of the best ways of making the swimming pool as functional and fun at night as during the day is lightning it up with lampe LED piscine. The lampe LED piscine not only imparts an aesthetic appeal to the swimming pool but also protects swimmers from hurting themselves in dark. From in-ground lights to floating beacons, lampe LED piscine is available in a multitude of styles and designs. The availability of these lights in a spectrum of colors allows pool owners to turn pool into a night time paradise.

Pompe à chaleur piscine is another essential accessory for pool users who live in colder places. These pool pumps can also be used by individuals who want water of the pool to be a bit warmer than usual. The amazing Pompe à chaleur piscine is great for maintaining the temperature of the pool water throughout the year. Pompe à chaleur piscine is an energy efficient machine which functions on the refrigeration mechanism. It extracts heat from the outside ambient air, transforms it into a gaseous state which is then released into the pool. These swimming pool heaters are also great if pool owners wish to have a pool party which lasts until the evening.

With numerous choices available in the market, shopping of these accessories can be a mind-boggling task. However, Aquinea, an exclusive distributor of pool heating and water treatment accessories simplifies this task for pool owners.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Enhance Pool Ambiance with Pool Lights

Lighting in and around the pool adds an extra glory to the ambiance. Swimming is something that is known to be an effective way to work out and can be taken regularly. For the pleasant experience of swimming, éclairage de piscine plays a significant role. Along with lighting, the lights develop a party atmosphere and are suitable for night party at pool side.

With the availability of number of options, pool owners can choose various swimming pool lights that can be installed above or below the water surface. The advantages offered by éclairage de piscine have enabled the pool owners to replace the traditional incandescent lights to LED lights. These eco-friendly lights not only consume less power but also provide optimum brightness.

LED lights also act like a projecteur piscine that is suitable for all types of pools. These electronic devices can be placed on the surface of the pool. This ensures an adequate illumination that adds an aesthetic appeal to the pool. These can be availed in fixed or adjustable features so that they can be easily fitted in the projector. In addition, these are available in various colors such as aqua, blue, green, orange, purple, red and white that enhance the pool surroundings. Thus, lighting effects can be set at a fixed interval with the help of light cycle.

The projecteur piscine is available with rotating light and built-in light transitions can be controlled with a remote. The remote control helps in controlling the ignition and extinction of light. Along with creating a colorful ambiance, this projector pool also ensures safety.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Generation LED Pool Lamps

With a large array of pool lights available in the market, it is difficult to choose a particular one. Some of the popular lights which are used presently include halogen, solar, incandescent lights, fiber optic and LED lights. These lights have a number of advantages as well as disadvantages. However, lampe LED piscine is a good option as it offers many benefits to the user. To emit diodes is the main function of a LED based lampe piscine. Hence, many pool owners have replaced their old pool lights with LED lamps. These lamps are appreciated for bright lighting, energy efficiency and vivid clarity. Color changing option is one of the advanced features of these lights, which is not present in the traditional lamps. Due to the presence of this feature, LED lampe piscine is used to enhance the decor of pool area.

Cost-effectiveness is another benefit of LED based lampe piscine as it consumes less amount of electricity. The swimming pool owners can install number of pool lamps to illuminate the entire area. These lamps are also compatible with the projector and the installation process is quite simple. However, a professional technician must be hired for installation purpose. Further, these LED lamps have long service life as compared to ordinary bulbs. Being environment friendly, these bulbs are demanded by pool owners across the globe. lampe LED piscine does not contain any element which is harmful for the environment. Apart from hotels, these are also installed by private owners in their swimming pools. These pool lamps are cost effective and available in various colors and sizes.

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