Monday, March 11, 2013

Nagez tout au long de l'année par l'installation de systèmes de chauffage de piscine

There are companies in the market that provide new as well as renovation heating for swimming pools in homes. For chauffage de piscine, heat pumps are inserted between the sand filter and water. The heat pump works for only few hours a day to make water temperature comfortable for swimming. It is usually available with a warranty of one year for the pump and two years for the compressor.

Interestingly, heat pumps do not generate heat but work to transfer it from the atmosphere to swimming pools. Energy delivered by a heat pump is the sum of consumed electrical energy and atmospheric energy. High quality pumps ensure that heating is carried out in an economical fashion. In addition, emission of gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen monoxides are prevented due to modern chauffage de piscine methods. Electricity consumed is lesser than conventional heating systems.  As a result, there is minimal damage to the environment.

For cleansing of water, an exclusive range of pool chlorinators can also be purchased, available both for small and large pools. Salty water is decomposed through an electrolytic cell that produces chlorine, which not only cleans water but also prevents growth of algae and bacteria. No skin irritation or allergies are caused by swimming in water cleansed by these chlorinators.

Most of the pumps produce very low level of noise. The flow of hot or cold air is reversible. Variable levels of heating power are available, depending on one’s budget and needs. A diagnostic system checks the quality of water flowing in the pool. Some of the pumps also have the feature of automatic defrosting.
In order to illuminate pools for taking dips in the night, an lampe LED piscine is available. The atmosphere around water and landscape can be beautifully customized by fitting different lamps around the pool. A single lamp or multiple lamps can e installed and operated through remote control. Transition of light colors could be synchronized depending on the type of lamps bought. Unsynchronized lamps often have different colors. Lighting in an lampe LED piscine is controlled either through single projectors or multiple projectors.    

Lights for an lampe LED piscine must be purchased from a reputed vendor. It is important that electrical consumption of these bulbs is low enough to generate an economical electricity bill at the end of a month. Lamps must also be capable of long period of operation without overheating. Available remote control devices should have a reasonable range of coverage. 

Lighting systems are usually provided by companies for residential use. If commercial use is made, the warranty is considered null and void. Warranty would not cover problems such as improper use, incorrect installation, exceptional weather conditions and damages caused by plants or animals.
For swimming in cold weather, especially in European countries, chauffage de piscine is most suitable. It can be fitted into indoor and outdoor pools. Indoor pools with high quality heating systems are used by several professional swimmers.

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